Antirion Æsculapius

  • Managed Assets3
  • Net saleable areaabout 46,300 m²

Data last updated on 31st December 2020

Fund Activity

Activated in December 2015, Antirion Æsculapius is a closed-end, reserved alternative real estate mutual fund dedicated to investments in healthcare buildings used mainly for healthcare/functional and hospitality purposes (clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, residential care, senior housing, surgeries, analytical laboratories).

The fund adopts a “mission-related” investment strategy, tailor-made to the specific nature of the investor. In addition to offering returns in line with the profitability objectives of the asset in the long term, the fund has positive effects on the health sector, in line with the specific needs of institutional investors and operators.

Brief Fund Timeline

In December 2015, the “San Giuseppe” hospital complex in Via San Vittore 12, Milan, was purchased. The hospital includes 10 adjacent, communicating buildings with a pharmacy and provides ordinary hospital in-patient, day hospital, day surgery and clinical services. It is managed by the Multimedica S.p.A. Group.