About Us

Founded in 2009, Antirion is an independent Asset Management Company (in Italian SGR, Società di gestione del risparmio), hence it is not controlled by any financial group. Its stakeholders have extensive experience in the Italian real estate market, and work in the establishment, management and promotion of closed-end reserved real estate funds.

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One of the outstanding characteristics compared to the majority of Italian AMCs is the absence of links with banking, insurance or industrial groups. Thanks to our independence, we are able to guarantee fully independent choices, as well as the absence of conflicts of interest.


We focus exclusively on the promotion, establishment and management of Italian and international closed-end, reserved real estate mutual funds, with initial raising of capital or contributions. This allows us to identify and offer products with a high risk-return profile designed and optimised to satisfy the needs of institutional investors.


Our integrated real estate management service is aligned with the best international standards, allowing us to ensure the highest level of transparency in terms of investment policies and costs. We set out to create and maximise the value of our funds which, in the exclusive interests of our investors, we manage by seeking innovative and tailor-made solutions. Our investment process is solid and precise, aiming at optimising performance and minimising risk levels.


We are reliable because we know the real estate market, we have the proper technical skills, a proven track record in the national and European financial and real estate fields and we rely on a synergy between our management and our stakeholders, which allows us to identify the best investment opportunities across the various reference markets of our investors.


Antirion has 28 staff in its two offices in Milan and Rome, while the compliance, internal audit and risk management tasks are outsourced to external consultants and experts, with high qualifications and extensive international experience.

From 1 October 2018 a Compliance Officer has been hired. This organisational action was adopted for ensuring a strengthening of the internal control system and preparing internal monitoring in order to oversee the risk of non-compliance to which the SGR and the managed funds are exposed.