Antirion is an independent Asset Management Company (in Italian, Società di gestione del risparmio, SGR) focusing on the establishment and management of closed-end alternative real estate mutual funds reserved for institutional investors.

Unlike other Italian fund managers, Antirion is not linked to any banking, insurance or industrial group. This independence ensures the impartiality in management choices and the absence of conflicts of interest by investors.

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Last updated as of 30th June 2020

Our Funds

Antirion Fondo Global

Antirion Global

A closed-end, reserved multi-compartment alternative real estate mutual fund, fully paid up by an Italian provident fund. It consists of three compartments, two of which are currently operational: Core and Hotel.

Antirion Fondo Retail

Antirion Retail

A closed-end, reserved multi-compartment alternative real estate fund dedicated to institutional investors and retail operators. Following an agreement with a primary retail operator, this fund started the Gallerie Commerciali (Shopping Mall) compartment, which manages three shopping centres in Italy.

Antirion Fondo Q3

Fondo Q3

Investment fund that manages two executive properties in Milan, with a total net saleable area of 37,000 m²

Antirion Fondo Aesculapius

Antirion Æsculapius

Closed-end, reserved alternative real estate mutual fund. Dedicated to investments in healthcare real estate asset mainly used for healthcare/functional and hospitality purposes.

Antirion Megatrends Italia

Fondo Megatrends Italia

A closed-end, multi-compartment alternative real estate mutual fund dedicated to institutional investors and fully paid up by a prominent international investor, active in several European countries.

Fondo Provincia di Roma

A closed-end, reserved alternative real estate mutual fund dedicated to professional investors and entirely subscribed by a public body. All the fund’s real estate assets are mixed-use properties located in Rome.

citizenM Fund

Fondo citizenM Italian Properties

A close-end alternative mutual real estate fund, reserved to institutional investors and fully paid by a major investor and international-grade hotel company focusing on the upscale market segment.