Antirion Global Hotel

  • Managed Assets8
  • Net saleable areaabout 400,000 m²

Data last updated on 31/12/2018

Fund Activity

Activated in 2015, the HOTEL compartment focuses on investments in hotel and/or similar properties (hotels, resorts, period residences, tourist villages, bed & breakfasts, spas, beauty farms and residences). It is based on an investment strategy oriented to investments in both running, profitable facilities and other sites for redevelopment and enhancement.

The objective of the HOTEL compartment is to determine the best possible repositioning for each building, along with the most effective enhancement strategy, while also ensuring scouting activities and negotiating with future lessees/managers.

All buildings in the HOTEL compartment feature:

  • a strategic position (for facilities destined for business clients, locations in key city centres, convention centres, trade fairs are preferred);
  • easy access;
  • high quality of the premises;
  • quality fittings.

Brief Fund Timeline

In December 2015, 8 buildings were purchased for hotel facilities in Italy, in the provinces of Milan, Rome, Cagliari and Aosta. Five of these also have retail premises.

In November 2017, was purchased the building in Via dell’Umiltà 36 in Rome, in the immediate surrounding of the Trevi Fountain. The preliminary activities for the redevelopment started in February 2018 and the works will last approximately 2 years.